Work Fast for Teenage Girls

There is no doubt that in order to be healthy, a person needs to eat a balanced diet and exercise everyday. The same rule applies to teenage girls as well. And more so, as during one’s teens, the body is still growing and hence needs the right amount of nutrition. On an average, the daily calorie requirements of a teenage girl lie anywhere between 1800-2100 calories. It is very important that she derives majority of these calories from healthy diet foods rather than junk foods such as pizzas, burgers, soft drinks etc. which are a very popular food choice among teenagers these days. As junk food has led to widespread obesity among teens, it is up to the parents to help the teens understand the benefits of making healthy food choices.
Healthy Diet for Teenage Girls
Diets for teenagers should include some good protein foods such as lean meats, fish, boiled eggs, beans, broccoli, cheese and spinach. Proteins provide the body with amino acids which are considered the building blocks and hence are very important for a growing teenager.
Complex Carbohydrates
Complex carbohydrates such as those found in whole grain breads, brown rice, muesli, and bran take much more time than simple carbohydrates to break down into glucose and thus, provide a teenager’s body with gradual flow of energy for the entire day. Diets that work fast for girls should include complex carbohydrates, especially at breakfast, as they help her remain energetic throughout the day.

A healthy diet will be incomplete if calcium rich foods such as low fat milk, yogurt and cheese are not included in it. Calcium helps in building healthy bones and teeth and can be very beneficial if included in the diet of a teenager. Drinking milk everyday helps in maintaining the normal eyesight as milk is a rich source of vitamin A and B12.
It is often seen that over weight teenage girls resort to crash diets to lose weight fast, which is not at all a healthy option. Crash diets mostly recommend eliminating a particular food group from the diet, thus depriving a teenager’s growing body of a number of essential vitamins and minerals. Instead of going on a crash weight loss diet, one should include lots of fiber rich foods such as apple, blackberries, prunes, papaya, baked beans, broccoli, lentils and zucchini in her diet. Fiber not only aids in proper digestion of food but also makes a person feel full, thereby reducing his overall food intake. Fiber foods contain indigestible carbohydrates, which when leaving the body, carry the unwanted wastes and fats along, thus aiding in weight loss.