Tough Exterior and a Soft Interior

My uncle is a pretty tough guy. He has been in the military for so many years that he’s been in longer than he’s been out. He’s gone through constant training and has even seen some combat over the years. You would think that something like back pain would be nothing for him, but it turned him into a big baby. He injured his back and had to go to a San Jose chiropractor, and the entire time he was crying about how bad the pain was for him. I had never seen him look so vulnerable.

If any of my uncle’s army buddies found out how he was crying about the back pain, they would probably never let him live it down. They usually pick on each other for various reasons, and something like this would last forever. For as much crying as my uncle was doing about his back, it wasn’t even as bad as he made it seem. Nothing in his back was broken, and he didn’t need to have any kind of major surgery to get rid of the pain. All that was happening to him was he had pain from a twisted back muscle and just needed a pain medication and some rest.

I drove my uncle back to his home and told my aunt about what happened. She laughed about the entire thing, and my uncle told both of us not to tell anyone. My aunt took care of my uncle for the rest of the time that his back was healing, and I didn’t hear anymore about the situation. I have a feeling someone will spill the beans eventually. The next time I see some tough guy walking down the street, I’m going to imagine him crying like a baby because of some mild pain.