Tips to Choose the Right Nursing Home

Residents’ Rights
According to the federal 1987 Nursing Home Reform Law, a nursing home is required to provide a quality life to its residents while ensuring their dignity, choice, and self-determination.
While choosing a nursing home for yourself or your loved ones, there are innumerable things that need to be taken into consideration before finalizing the new place of residence. When you are helping a person find a suitable place, learn that your support is a must to help the person adjust with the new surroundings and overall living. There are two most important things to keep in mind while choosing a nursing home for another person – focusing on the needs and preferences of the person, and involving the concerned individual in your discussions.

All nursing homes are not certified, and if you want to lead a quality life, it is extremely important to inquire about the certification of the nursing home that you have at the top of your preference list. Once you’re assured about the authenticity of the nursing home, you must also be aware about certain rights and protections that an individual staying in a nursing facility is entitled to. These include the right to be informed, make your own choice, and right to privacy. Along with these rights come a set of responsibilities that enhance your living in the nursing facility.
Choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility
Consider the Cost
For many families, cost is a major concern when choosing a good nursing home for the elderly. To make it easier on the pocket, try to keep the person at home for a longer period, and get a long-term care insurance. You can also check out for the facilities that your state’s Medicare/Medicaid program provides for financially weak families.

Do the Research and Collect References

Your contacts will be of great help while researching for the best nursing home for your loved one. Ask your friends, relatives, or community members, and gather a first-hand account of their experience. Apart from your social circle, you can also visit state government websites to get detailed information about certain specific nursing homes.
Make a Visit to Potential Nursing Homes

Once you have jotted down the basic information about the five best nursing homes in your area, visit all of them and take notes. Observe the place very carefully and make a note of every good and bad thing about every nursing home. In the end, when you are back home, sit and compare all five nursing homes with respect to your points, and choose the best one amongst them. After that, pay a final visit to the chosen facility and make a detailed observation of the place.