HEALTHY Late-night Snacks

Most of us are in the habit of staying up late, either working, reading, watching T.V., or busy with some or the other activity. Whatever the reason may be, very often you can hear your stomach growling in the midst of those late nights. It is true that most of our late night food cravings stem from boredom or the mere desire to take a break from the activity we are engaged in, or to add to it. Sometimes though, they are genuine and may occur because of early dinner, dehydration, low salt levels, or low sugar levels, or lack of proteins. In any case, our hunger needs to be satisfied. So why not opt for some healthy late-night snacks and save on those calories which collect easily and quickly late at night?
Healthy Snack Ideas for Late Nights
You can choose your late-night snacks depending upon your mood, like refreshing or comforting, quick or sweet, munchy or satisfying. Just remember to consume them in small portions (say 1 roll or 1 bowl). This is because no matter how healthy you may perceive these snacks to be at that hour, they are still likely to make you feel very heavy at night if consumed in larger portions.
Protein-rich Snacks
Sandwich with cottage cheese, radish, black pepper and cucumber
➠ Mix together some chopped tomatoes and red onions with zucchini and low-fat cottage cheese. Add the final touch with a little salsa.

➠ In some low-fat hummus, add some diced cooked chicken, and with some shredded lettuce, stuff it into whole-grain pita bread.

➠ Toss together some diced cucumber, radish, and low-fat cottage cheese topped with some olive oil and seasoned with some herbs like oregano.

Comforting Snacks
Healthy breakfast. Fresh granola, muesli with berries, honey and milk
➠ Add some honey and walnuts to a bowl of oats with milk to enjoy a warm, comforting snack.

➠ Indulge in a savory bean wrap by mashing some beans with salsa. Spread it on a whole-wheat tortilla and sprinkle with some low-fat cheese. Wrap it up and heat until the cheese melts.

➠ Add some dark chocolate mix to a glass of steaming hot skimmed milk and revel in its warmth.

➠ Spread some olive paste on a whole-wheat tortilla, and add some shredded chicken and lettuce to it. Make it a yummy wrap!

Refreshing Snacks
Bunch of sliced watermelons
➠ Indulge in some chilled watermelon wedges seasoned with a little salt and pepper.

➠ Add to a club soda any unsweetened juice of your choice and top it with some crushed ice for the ultimate cool and refreshing drink.

➠ Create your own granita with some freshly squeezed juice.

➠ Add to a glass of tomato juice, some salt, pepper, and a dash of lemon to give it the perfect flavor.